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Airbase-ng is a multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the access point (AP) itself.


airbase-ng [options] <interface name>

airbase-ng -c 6 -e <bssid> -L -W 1 <interface name>

Useful Options

--bssid <MAC>, -b <MAC> 
BSSID to filter/use. 
--bssids <file>, -B <file> 
Read a list of BSSIDs out of that file. 
--client <MAC>, -d <MAC> 
MAC of client to accept. 
--clients <file>, -D <file> 
Read a list of client's MACs out of that file 
--essid <ESSID>, -e <ESSID> 
Specify a single ESSID.
--essids <file>, -E <file> 
Read a list of ESSIDs out of that file.
-c <channel> 
Specify the channel on which to run the Access Point. 
-X, --hidden 
This causes the Access Point to hide the SSID and to not broadcast the value. 
Force shared key authentication for all clients.
-H, --help 
Shows the help screen. 
-a <bssid> 
Explicitly specify the bssid 
-i <iface> 
Capture and process from this interface in addition to the replay interface.
-h <MAC> 
Source MAC for the man-in-the-middle attack. The "-M" must also be specified.

Important Defaults

If the BSSID is not explicitly specified by using "-a <BSSID>", then the current MAC of the specified interface is used.