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Vectivus is a place for sharing.

Vectivus derives it's name from Darth Vectivus, the Dark Lord of the Sith who was able to not fall entirely into evil while still using traditionally "dark" Force powers. If that explains this site to you, great! If not, don't worry about it. This site is dedicated to sharing information about penetration testing tools, techniques, methodologies, and successes.

This site is based upon the Penetration Testing Execution Standard, although it deviates from it some cases.

Major Areas

  • Tools List - A list of common tools (mostly Linux, but some Windows/Mac/Other as well) and the most frequently used options during pentesting
  • Regular Expressions - A primer on regular expressions
  • CTFs - A list of CTF writeups
  • Scripts - Helper scripts that are used during pentesting

General Knowledge

PTES Mapping


Vectivus is maintained by User:Hermit, User:Killswitch, User:ALazyThief, User:Visual808, and User:tps-reports.